Stone Ridge Ventures has invested more than $50M across four separate investment funds, starting with the Foundation IIF Fund through to the current SRV Tech Fund. The SRV Tech Fund is not currently making new investments, but the team continues to invest in and to support the existing portfolio companies as they move towards profitability and exit.

SRV Tech Fund >>
The Stone Ridge Ventures Technology Fund is a early stage fund which has been invested in Life Sciences, IT&T, materials and other technology companies. The initial investment from the Fund has generally been used for proof-of-concept development and for the early establishment of viable companies and management teams that are attractive to follow-on investors. Numerous follow-on investments have been made in the SRV Tech Fund portfolio companies by other VC funds, corporates and private investors. The first exits from the SRV Tech Fund have now been made with the exit of Scanalyse in early 2013 to global mining services company Outotec.

Foundation Innovation Investment Fund >>
The Foundation Innovation Investment Fund (IIF) was a $35 million fund that was focused on investing in early stage ventures from start up to $4 million in revenue. The fund was established in 2001 as part of the AusIndustry Innovation Investment Fund Program and was wound up in March 2012. The fund had a number of successful exits including Fractal Technologies, OneRail and Dspace.